dsc_0624wil_0668wil_7088The Williams Family live in Shell, Ecuador and work in the area of leadership development and discipleship. Chet and Katie, with their three kids; Tanner, Brooklin and Skyler, serve in cooperative partnership with indigenous and national leaders, coming alongside them to accomplish what the Lord is calling them into. With Truth and trust as a foundation, the Williams’ team together in projects and outreach with ideas that originate from these national leaders. Their prayer is to see sustainable empowerment amongst the indigenous, their families, and their tribes.

The Williams’ want to see the people they love and value thrive and live abundant lives in Christ in the modern world they’ve been thrust into. They need skills to make a living, to interact with those around them, to have the tools to cope with the magnitude of change they are facing socially, in their families and as a culture. We need them too; speaking into our lives, sharing their faith and outlook on life. We need their jungle perspective to bring fresh insights into our modern world to hear the things the Holy Spirit is telling them. We recognize them as an integral part of the body of Christ and team participants in this journey for Foundation CENTA.

It is out of this friendship the Lord is calling Chet and Katie to continue in the lives of the indigenous. Foundation CENTA, in Shell, Ecuador continues as a response to hearing from our indigenous friends seeking a place locally to respond to these timely requests.